An electric golf trolley will require minimal effort from the user, even less when equipped with a Lithium Battery. Our lithium batteries weigh in at 1.75kgs, less than a bag of sugar which compares favorably to lumping a battery around which can weigh six times as much. Our electric golf trolleys have different specifications to suit individual tastes. Top-of-the-range trolleys will have features such as a USB charging port for GPS etc. digital distance control functions, battery meter and even full remote control.

Our ZXL Lithium Golf Trolley folds down with the battery in place for quick and easy setup. Generally, the smaller a trolley folds up and down, the longer it takes to do so because there are more moving parts, our top end trolleys are focused on less moving parts and more on durability however all of our lithium electric golf trolleys are still compact when folded.

Lithium Golf trolley batteries are smaller and lighter than lead acid or gel batteries, ours is 1.75kgs, they have a greater life expectancy of 1500 to 2000 charges compared to around 400 charges and up to 10.5kgs for a lead acid battery and with greater longevity and a much smaller mass have less impact on the environment